DNA – The New Breath Of The West

Veröffentlicht: September 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

We´re proud to present as a confirmed Specialguest, live on stage: DNA

Born in Yuba City (California), and calling compton his home, DNA mixes his international background with a west coast street style to bring a futuristic flow to todays rap scene.
DNA learned from a half liberian, half senagalese mother an his american indian father what it mean to overcome the struggles of a difficult life. With the streets coaching DNA survived the east side of compton life stlye. He was able to turn the negatives of life into positives. His experiences have really taught him the do’s and dont’s of life.
DNA was an all-american basketball player in high school, which led to him to play professionally in germany. He is currently creating a buzz and promoting his recent project by touring all over europe.
He finished his first mixtape „Evolution“ which was stamped by world famous DJ Warrior (Cali Untouchable DJs), DJ Yooter(Heavy Hitter DJs) and DJ Big K (Cali Untouchable DJs), which was mainly produced by HXO and Designerbeats.
And also was featured on several DJ-Mixtapes like Green Lantern.
2009 he dropped his 2nd Mixtape „Darwynism“ in cooperation with Black WallStreet wich was hosted by DJ Kris Stylez (The Games DJ) including soon to be classic hits like „That Drank“ and „Cinnamon and Mint“.
Currently DNA is working on his 3rd Mixtape „Now or Never“ Wich will be released soon.

DNA @ Facebook

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