Dingo Babusch Stuttgart

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Dingo Babusch


Seit 1992 Bestandteil der Stuttgarter Writerszene. Autor der Dokumentation SPRÜHER IM RUDEL,
ein Buch über die Geschichte Graffitiwritings in Stuttgart, dass 2005 auf den Markt kam. Dingo ist seit 2005 selbsständig im künstlerischen Bereich tätig. 2006 verbringt er fast ausschlieslich in NewYork, er versucht dort Kontakte aufzubauen und ist für mehrere Wochen Guestspeaker an einer Schule in Brooklyn NewYork. Nach seiner Rückkehr arbeitet er an eigenen Projekten, gibt Workshops und widmet ein Grossteil seiner Zeit der Kunst. Mitglied der TD4 crew in New York und der BabuschKrew in Stuttgart – Mitbegründer des Collectivs 2WEI in Stuttgart .



Born 1977 near Stuttgart (Southern Germany) he has an affinity to arts painting since childhood
and found in the early Nineties via HipHop to his particular niche of graffiti-writing, in the years ’95
thru ’98 making a name for himself in the writer community in and around Stuttgart.
In the early years, aside from his not so legal activities (meaning graffiti-writing) he finished a
professional education as a promotion sign/neon sign maker, takes on painting jobs, organises
HipHop events and begins learning airbrush techniques.

At first he decorated covers for mobile phones and skateboards, later also other materials, and was
also painting on canvas in mixed techniques. Graffiti-writing, however, remains his main focus and
true love. By his activities as graffiti-writer and the travelling this involves he finds new contacts
also outside of Germany.
End of 2002 he decides to write the history of graffiti-writing in Stuttgart and publishes a book
titled „SPRÜHER IM RUDEL“. Since 2004 he works in close cooperation with the folks at
ARTISTIKWORLD, who hold a top-notch position in T-shirt customizing in Germany. New contacts
are established and old contacts are revived.

In January of 2005 the book by Dingo Babusch and Kim „Uran“ Wurster (R.i.P.), „SPRÜHER IM
RUDEL“ (read: Sprayers Run in Packs) (250 pages/hardcover) is published.
DINGO BABUSCH works at realising himself, his visions, in his artistic field, and for his livelihood he
got jobs in surface/wall painting and the sale of his book. He is very busy with freelance jobs and
participates in various vernissages. He also organised vernissages under his own direction and
offers workshops at schools.

Most of the year 2006 he spends in New York, taking on a call as guestspeaker in a school in
Brooklyn. By the end of 2006 he returns to Germany and establishes, together with friends, the label „2WEI“. 2wei is a different artists working in graphic design / surface (wall) painting, or ‚fashion and photography‘.

In 2010 he spend another 2 months in NYC  and becomes a member of the TD4 crew New York.
DINGO BABUSCH made himself a name as an artist who works at getting to the core of
fundamental issues and is not satisfied just reflecting cultural trends.
DINGO// BABUSCHKREW  Stuttgart and TD4 crew NYC




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