Kufue One – Oakland represent!

Veröffentlicht: September 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

My name is Kufu from the TCB crew out of the West Coast. I am originally from the East Coast, Pittsburgh PA to be exact but all my family is from NYC, DC, Philly and Bmore which explains my letter form and style foundation. I grew up in Hip Hop and was always heavily saturated with the hardcore and trest forms of every element. I started bombing and attempting pieces in 1989 and I continued my tour of duty until 1995/96 and then took a leave of abscence. I always continued my sketching and other forms of Hip Hop but didnt like the direction Writing and Mceeing was going in. In 2005 I wanted to come back on the scene in hopes to accomplish what I left off doing as a youth but maintaining that tradition and cultural legacy that has been passed on to me. I wanted to choose a name that not only had a significant meaning but one that would make all who asked that question, What you write“ to leave studying what I write. My name represents the contribtions that my culture has given to humanity, one of which is Hip Hop, and at the same time my name represents the part of history many attempted to erase or pass over and that is the Black mans contribution to Writing culture. They tried to erase the Pharoah Khufus legacy and his image as well as leave out the true history of his accomlishments. He was one of the most elusive and missunderstood kings but left a timeless legacy to build on for ages to come. My life as a writer has always been to give to Hip Hop culture just like the culture has given to me. My influences range from Riff 170,Kase 2, Chain 3, and TKid to TDS,TMT,TNT,FBA, TCB. The list is too long butI pay homage every time I paint by blending the styles i grew up seing on trains and walls by so many legends into an ill burner or production. I spend my time teaching the youth that want to be a part of Hip Hop as a writer what the culture is and I give them the foundation that many today are missing. My crew and I utilize Hip Hop the way we were taught, for community empowerment and social justice. Yours truely…..Kufy X…MBT TMT TCB TNS GFC SOUL KING


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