TAZROC – Los Angeles

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Brian Garcia was born December 24th 1971 in Eugene Oregon. Brian is a Chicano artist thats artwork is heavily influenced by Chicano culture. When Brian was young he was inspired by his uncles prison art and he developed a passion for drawing. He is a self taught artist that slowly mastered his art skills one drawing at a time.

When he was 14 he devoted himself to bicycle flatland freestyle, in which he performed and competed all over the country. During his travels he was inspired by the graffiti he saw in all of the major cities. After earning a reputation in freestyle for fast spinning tricks he acquired the nickname “TAZ” after the caricture tazmanian devil. Which later turned into “Tazroc”. In 1987 Brian begun to explore the culture of hip hop and started painting graffiti art and eventually what started as a hobby turned into a passion that he had a true talent for. Brian wanted to take this art form to the next level but relized he needed to do it in a legal forum. His frustration for having to do his artwork illegally is what led him to legalize walls. These walls gave not only Brian but other kids a way to express themselves through art. He started educating the inner city youth through holding events and workshops to provide a creative outlet. In 1992, Brian along with a few close friends created DefCon 5.A group consisting of graffiti artist and bboy’s. At this time Brian was starting to develop notority and was now making a living off of his art work . Looking into expanding his carrer as an artist he moved to Los Angeles in 2000. After moving to Los Angeles he started his own business painting custom murals on lowriders. Many of his clients were in the Hollywood industry which eventually led him to movie sets,music videos,and commercials. He is now an acclaimed graffiti artist known by many for his spraycan photorealism He is one of the most sought after spray-can artist in the West Coast. His Urban art has been featured in numerous commercials,music videos,ad campagnis, and charity events.
Clients include Pepsi Boost, Mobile Max, Payne, Snoop Dogg, Rhianna, Jay Z, Beyonce and  Usher

Tazroc online:

Tazroc & Toons & Cre8 painting:

Taz painting:

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