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Aileen Esther Middel aka Mickey was born in 1970 in Groningen, the Netherlands. At the age of 13 she started writing her name on walls and in 1985 she painted her first piece. These were the years that Hip Hop culture reached The Netherlands. Mickey finds herself fully in the four elements of Hip Hop: MC-ing, Graffiti writing, Breakdancing and DJ-ing.

From that moment on Mickey is spreading her name in her home town and later on also the rest of the country. At the exhibition „Coming From The Subway“at the Groninger Museum in 1992, she gets to meet the most influential graffiti artists from New York: Lady Pink, Dondi White, Blade, Quik, Futura2000, Zephyr, Lee, etc. This has a major influence on her and from that moment on she has a special thing for New York and visits the city as often as she can.

Since 1996 Mickey lives and works in Amsterdam, NL. In the projects of the Bijlmer area she feels at home. This is the place where Mickey starts focusing on fine arts. For various companies she paints murals and designs posters, CD covers and logos. In 2004 she started her own baby clothing line called „Space Babies“.

Her artwork has been shown  in exhibitions in The Netherlands, New York, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. She is present at most big and important graffiti events held in Europe. Besides painting, Mickey is teaching workshops and isjudge at international graffiti competitions.

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    real nice article! many thanks

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