DJ SKIZO on the Decks!

Veröffentlicht: August 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Born in Milano (Italy), Skizo starts his career on the turntables back in early 1984.
As the founder member of F.P.C. and Radical Stuff in ’87, together with Gruff, Sean, TopCat and Kaos,  Skizo has developed through the years a unique style of scratching and music composing, called the „Highway loop feeling“. In the early nineties, he becomes part of the legendary Breakin crew Passo sul Tempo (Italy) as a DJ, together with breakers Krash Kid and Kid Head.
After some years, Skizo brings his Italian turntable flavour to Australia, winning the D.M.C. ’96 title together with Australian legends KC and Brian ASK( The3djs), then going on battling at the D.M.C. World finals in Italy. In 1998,  he joins forces with DJ Sing (Australia) and releases his first Electro LP The Masterplan  (Edel).
In 2002 he is back in the competition arena winning the Italian team category ITF and successively the 3rd place at the ITF Eastern Emisphere Category in Amsterdam. He decides then to create his first Record Label,  the infamous „BAD NEWZ ENTERPRISES“, and the „G.M.A.STUDIO’s“, a recording facility  fully equipped for turntable music production. Skizo is also the founder member of the 1st ever turntablist crew  in Italy: „ALIENARMY“. The crew records together two LPs : „Orgasmi meccanici“ and „The End“.
In 2003, he teams up with different musicians such as Faze Liquida, Bonez from Statik recording (Australia), Dada and the multiskilled and talented Mike Patton (Faith No More, Phantomas, Mr Bungle), doing various tours around Australia and Europe. He also  features in the 5 Sides of the coin movie (USA).Skizo is also member of TM,CKC,VMD70s,TFB writing crews.


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